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"From Our Family's Table to Yours"
Falatic's wide selection of premium poultry products is sure to satisfy your cooking needs. Cut fresh and made to order, you can order for pick up online or visit us at the market to buy.
Chicken (1-LB.Ground) FZ
$5.39 / LBS.
Chicken Breast (Bone-In)
$4.19 / LBS.
Chicken Breast (Skinless/Boneless)
$5.19 / LBS.
Chicken Thighs (Skinless/Boneless)
$3.98 / LBS.
Chicken Whole (apprx. 4 LBS.)
$3.09 / LBS.
Cornish Hen - Frozen (Approx 1.5LB)
Miller Poultry
$6.99 / Each
Duck - Frozen (Fresh 24h notice)
Miller Poultry
$5.89 / LBS.
Duck Breast (2 per PKG) Frozen
2 per package
$19.98 / LBS.
Fresh Turkey Breast (10-12 LB) (24hr notice)
Miller Poultry
$4.39 / LBS.
Goose (9-11LB) (Fresh 24hr notice)
Miller Poultry
$7.89 / LBS.
Turkey (Ground 1 LB. PKG) Frozen
Miller Poultry
$5.39 / LBS.
Turkey (Whole) (Fresh-24hr Notice)
Miller Poultry
$2.99 / LBS.
Turkey Brst -FZ (7-10lb) B/I
Miller Poultry
$5.39 / LBS.