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"From Our Family's Table to Yours"
PREMIUM Lamb & Rabbit
Falatic's specialty offerings are available for your custom requests. You won't find the selection or quality at your local grocery store's meat counter. For our full selection of seasonal offerings call or come in to visit.
Lamb (Loin Chops) FZ
$25.98 / LBS.
Lamb Shank -FZ
$15.49 / LBS.
Lamb-GR. 1 LB. PKG-FZ
$18.00 / LBS.
Lamb-Stew- 1 LB. PKG- FZ
$18.00 / LBS.
Leg of Lamb (Bone In) 4-5LBs
$12.98 / LBS.
Leg of Lamb (Bone In) 7-9 lbs. FZ or Fresh 24hr notice
$12.98 / LBS.
Leg of Lamb (Boneless) 7-10 lbs. FZ or Fresh 24hr notice
$18.98 / LBS.
Rabbit (100% NATURAL) No Hormones & Preservatives 2.5-3LB.
$16.00 / LBS.
Rack of Lamb (8 Ribs) FZ
Rib Chop, One Bite
$29.49 / LBS.