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"From Our Family's Table to Yours"
PREMIUM It's a Party!!
Try the best Chicken Wings, Riblets, Mozzarella Sticks, Spicy Feta and Spinach Artichoke dips. We Have IT ALL for your Party!
Appetizer: Bruschetta 16 oz.
$12.99 / Each
Charcuterie Cuts (1/4 Salami, Prosciutto, Smoked Sausage, and choice of cheese)
$15.00 / Each
Chicken Wings (12 pack) FZN
Urban Accents
$7.95 / LBS.
Delish Dip Mix Chipolte BBQ (U Mix with Sour cream)
Urban Accents
$5.00 / Each
Falatics Chicago Sweet BBQ Sauce
Urban Accents
$5.19 / Each
Falatics Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce
Urban Accents
$5.19 / Each
Habanero Pickles Spicy & Sweet
Urban Accents
$8.99 / Each
Soup: Herbed Tomato Bisque
Urban Accents
$5.99 / Each