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"From Our Family's Table to Yours"
This place is an institution!
- South County Gazette
All the people who walk in the door are celebrities
- Ron Falatic
This is a very family oriented caring circle and the customers
responded with unrelenting support to the entire family.
- South County Gazette
Our neighboring globally recognized meat market owners, Ron and Peg Falatic, are celebrating 47 years of business. Both Ron and Peg grew up in Gary, Indiana. Ron began his meat career at Tittle's Market in Gary in 1951. When a customer from Sawyer, MI suggested Ron check out the Red Arrow location, he stepped out in faith. On August 5, 1976 Ron and Peggy opened their market, his dream had come true and the Falatic dynasty began. Peg has done a lot of the work behind the scenes over the years. She is has always been one of the official greeters of the customers out front. Ron and Peg's son, Nick, has been a full partner since he was 11 years old. The rest of the family is now on board and it definitely a close-knit family.
- "foodstuff" by Carolyn McConnell
"The Largest Smallest Meat Market in Southwestern Michigan"
Shoreline Visitors Guide 2018
"The chicken brats are the best on the planet"
Shoreline Visitors Guide 2018
"You won't want to leave without trying Peggy's famous beef jerky."
Shoreline Visitors Guide 2018